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Logistics Services

Logistics means having the right thing in the right place at the right time!

That’s how some people describe logistics. At SUPPLY POINTe, providing logistics services means helping clients achieve success and avoid setbacks. It’s something we’re incredibly proud of, and through our logistics franchise program we’re offering others to join us in helping clients make their businesses work more efficiently. Our franchise offering presents a great option for anyone who wants to own their own business, whether you’re fascinated with how products and materials move around the country, or you’re looking for a career that gives you the flexibility to work from home and control your own future.

SUPPLY POINTe franchise owners operate their own transportation logistics franchise from a home office, where all that’s needed is a laptop computer and a cell phone to conduct business. As a franchise owner you will assist manufacturers, transportation businesses and others in coordinating the movement of their cargo via truck, ship or plane. What appears to most people as simple A-to-B shipping is far more complex. It requires an extensive knowledge of the shipping industry and the know-how to find the best options for the most affordable rates.

Inbound and outbound freight:

Every company that ships products out must first receive the raw materials needed to create their goods. Even in the case of packaging plants, cargo is being both received and sent off. The balance of inbound and outbound freight is critical for a business to support proper supply chain flow. Businesses do not have time, space or money for inefficiency. As the owner of a logistics franchise, you’ll help customers secure, integrate and manage inbound and outbound vendor relationships.

Inventory control services:

Shipping and transportation companies move things across the country and all over the world. Manufacturers and warehouse managers are faced with the challenge of moving things in, out and around their facility. The SUPPLY POINTe logistics franchise puts you in the position to assist these professionals with inventory control services, helping them figure out the most efficient ways to managing incoming, outgoing and stored materials. Our logistics franchise allows you the freedom to go out and visit clients, helping you to understand their space and labor considerations, and find them the best solutions.

Load and space considerations:

As an owner of a SUPPLY POINTe logistics franchise, you’ll have access to our extensive network of shipping vendors, with whom you’ll coordinate to find the best shipping solutions for clients. Whether we’re helping a landscape company ship a ton of mulch or a parts manufacturer send 1,000 large boxes, we secure the appropriate shipping accommodations and negotiate the best rates for our customers. Our logistics franchise is a way to expand our network even further by also allowing others to benefit.

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