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Meet the Franchisee – Carter Miller

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Carter Miller talks about his experience with Supply Pointe.

Would you be interested in a work from home franchise? That’s what happened for Carter Miller, owner and managing member for Supply Pointe.

Based in Knoxville, TN, Carter has been a franchisee since January 2018. Formerly a project coordinator for a civil construction company, he traveled roughly 300 days a year, for five years. To say that schedule was taxing would be an understatement, and he and his wife wanted to settle and put down some roots. When Carter began his search for a new way to make a living, he chose Supply Pointe.

“I was looking for the opportunity to work for myself and provide a better quality of life for my family,” he explained.

If you’re looking for a work from home franchise, one that offers more than one residual income business opportunity, check out what else Carter has to say about his experience with Supply Pointe.

You’ve only been in business a few months. What’s your initial impression of Supply Pointe?

The first couple months can be crazy when you’re starting anything new. But Supply Pointe gave me a lot of training, technology, and a plan to blue print my territory that helped me to hit the ground running. I can honestly say for the first time, I’m having a blast at work – and making money while I do it. I’m very fortunate to be able to say that because I haven’t always had that experience. I’m having so much fun, it’s a blur, but if you have the drive and you work hard this really is a system where you get out what you put in. You work from home, and you’ve got endless income possibilities.

What kind of support has Supply Pointe offered you as you navigate this new work from home franchise?

For me support comes in a couple different forms: electronic and physical. Support was a really big selling point. I knew there was a certain level of support that I needed to get, and I’m happy to say they have surpassed that greatly. I learned a great deal just during the lead up to discovery day. By the time I was in training, it felt like a review. The onboarding process was very thorough. I think the owners realize that if a franchisee is not successful, they aren’t successful. So, they made certain I was the right guy, and that this partnership would be a perfect marriage.

They did a great job at emotional support too; it can be scary to consider leaving a comfortable job to start a new business. For the first couple months, you really need support. Supply Pointe basically has an open-door policy, and 24-7 you can text or call these guys. They’re always available. They will walk through every step with you. I have never felt like I’ve not had somebody in my corner.

It’s always a good feeling when you know you can go into certain situations and scenarios, and someone’s got your back. No matter what situation I’m faced with, Adam and Matt Cahill (Supply Pointe’s President and CEO) have probably already dealt with it. If not, they can walk me through what I need to get the job done. It’s great. I will preach very highly on these two guys. We spent a week in Charlotte, NC, that is step one. You shadow them, they jam your head full of a bunch of very useful information, and they take you out in the field, show you a couple of sales calls. They showed me what industries I’d be selling in, what types of vendors I’d be working with, which products I could sell to them, how to identify potential customers. That discovery week was very beneficial.

Then, shortly after that Adam actually came into my territory. We did some sales calls, actually closed some deals together, which was very exciting. These guys are going to come in and show you the ropes in your own territory, show you what the day-to-day operations look like. In three months I have already generated enough business to recoup my investment within the first year. I’m very pleased to say that.

What would you say to someone who’s considering this work from home franchise?

Do it for yourself and your family, and know that it’s going pay off. It’s going be hard. There’s going to be some hurdles, you’re going to bump your head along the way. But if you have the drive and the ambition anything’s possible with this company. You have an endless opportunity to advance and better yourself, better the company, and you don’t have to be an expert. I had zero sales experience. Absolutely zero. I knew very little about the industry. But it’s great what these guys can teach you and show you how to do. You don’t have to be a sales whiz or a marketing guru. It’s hard work, but persistence and being honest and sincere always helps.

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