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I Want a Residual Income Franchise, But How Long Will It Take to Make Money?

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You’ve made the decision to own a franchise in an industry worth nearly a trillion dollars so naturally, you want to know how quickly you’ll get a return on your investment. With a logistics business, you can be sure that your services will always be needed, and we’ll help you get off to a great start with your new SUPPLY POINTe residual income franchise.

Training is the first step to gain the skills needed to run a successful business.

At SUPPLY POINTe we offer a sound residual income business opportunity. We have decades of knowledge and expertise to throw behind you that will help you generate multiple income streams.

We provide you with an in-depth training program that covers everything you need to know to make your franchise work for you. For instance, you’ll receive training at our headquarters for 4-5 days During that time, we’ll run through sales, management and marketing procedures, along with an in-depth overview of our products and services.

To ensure that you’re up to speed and prepped to hit the ground running, you’ll also receive 2 days of location-based training at your premises while you open your new franchise. This will help to reinforce your knowledge, and steer you through those first days on the road to profitability.

We want you to be able to focus on making money with your residual income franchise.

Once you’ve completed the training program and officially opened your doors, the world is your oyster in terms of the potential income you’ll be able to generate. We don’t place limits on how much you can earn, or when you can offer products and services to your local clientele.

As a residual income franchise owner, once you’ve put in the hard work, multiple income streams are available for you to profit from. You don’t have to worry about local competition either. We operate on a territory basis, which means you’ll have your own defined territory of at least 1500 target companies to pitch your business to.

You needn’t worry that other SUPPLY POINTe franchisees will cross your boundary either. Your designated market area is yours alone to profit from, regardless of your sales performance or success. So, how much revenue you make from your franchise is up to you based on how quickly you want to get started, and how hard you want to work.

If you’re considering a residual income franchise, SUPPLY POINTe has the business opportunity for you.

You don’t need previous experience in the transport and logistics industry to get take advantage of our home-based franchise. If you come from a sales background, you were in the military, or you’re simply eager to learn and succeed we’re interested in talking to you.

Hard work, commitment and motivation are what we’re looking for in franchisees. We have the expertise, established business processes and practical training to teach you the rest, and support you as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey.

If that sounds good, and you want to find out more about our residual income business opportunity, get in touch with SUPPLY POINTe today to discover how you can get started tomorrow.