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A Day in the Life In a Work from Home Franchise

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Brian Haverkos talks about his experience with Supply Pointe.

Before Brian Haverkos became a Supply Pointe franchisee in February 2018, he was like many people building a career. He looked continuously for growth opportunities, and he’d change companies to ensure that he found them.

After he graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in marketing, he worked for Hertz car rental for about three years, working his way up the management chain to run his own store. Then he was off to Russell Stover Candies, where he excelled as a sales rep for another three or so years. The lure for opportunity prompted him to join the industrial sales team at Mettler Toledo, where he stayed for about two years. “I wasn’t planning on leaving, but I came across this wonderful opportunity with Supply Pointe, and here I am.”

Brian has found the company’s many residual income business opportunities very much to his taste.

What prompted you to buy into this work from home franchise?

It’s an incredible opportunity. The number of different avenues you can take to make your income is vast. With all of the different things we offer, there’s so many different ways to gain customers and to gain income from those customers. What really stood out to me are the residual income business opportunities, that recurring income. Once you get a customer, they’ll be your customer as long as you service them; you can continue to make money with that customer and grow with them into other avenues of Supply Pointe.

What do you mean by residual income business opportunities?

For example, if I have a customer who’s getting pallets through us, and they’re very happy with our service, they will keep ordering them ongoing. I can then go back in there and get some of their trucking opportunities. Once I prove myself with that, we can get their corrugated business, so they get their boxes through us. You can have 10 different things that you do with one customer. It’s really 10 customers, but it’s one company.

What is your typical day like?

I start every morning around 7-7:30 am. I get up and look at my schedule, which I plan the day before. I’ll have a couple of appointments set up, and I’ll determine what area I’m going to. For example, one morning I may have an appointment to look at some pallets. I’ll look at those, then I’ll go to a couple of local businesses in the area to see if I can get some additional business since I’m there. If I don’t have another appointment in another part of town, I’ll cold call places nearby to try and drum up some business from there. I have to be flexible. Customers make their appointments when they can.

Throughout the day I’ll follow up on various emails, customers that I have, and other leads. Depending on the day – it’s hard to say one is typical because they’re all different – sometimes I’ll pop in a coffee shop for a couple of hours and get some office work done. Or, I may work from home for a couple of hours. Just having a plan in general seems to work best for me. I make that the day before, review it to make sure there’s nothing that I missed, then I go for it.

So, there’s lots of flexibility and self-motivated activity. How do you get leads?

Adam and Matt Cahill (Supply Pointe president and CEO) have shown me various ways to look up different companies in different industries. I can use Google Earth, and there are different searches that I have set up that fire different companies at me.

How do you like it?

I really like it a lot. I love the ability to control what I make and what I do. I’m very driven at wanting to grow my business. It’s a wonderful opportunity to wake up each day and say alright, let’s find some customers and grow my income. And the great thing about growing my income is every time I do there is recurring income. I don’t get one customer, and then I have to start over. Every customer I make builds my company because of the residual income business opportunities. It’s a wonderful feeling to have that ownership and be able to control how much you make.

What kind of support has Supply Pointe offered you?

Supply Pointe has given me immense support. They have a great training program. We went over everything. Each different service is a specialty, and it could be overwhelming, but Matt and Adam show you that you don’t have to be an expert at everything right away. You can call them with questions anytime, and the way the suppliers are set up, we have tons of resources. I can call and ask them questions as well.

As far as ongoing support I talk to Matt and Adam if not daily, close to daily. It’s me bouncing ideas off them, or if I have questions about pallets or something. They’re very responsive and willing to help. I’ve talked to them on weekends, at night, in the morning. They’ve always been available, and if they don’t answer right away I’ll get a text or an email saying, ‘We’re on a conference call, can we get back to you?’

What would you say to someone considering this work from home franchise opportunity?

If you want to take control of your income I think it will be the right opportunity for you. It’s recurring revenue, which is extremely important to me because your hard work pays off year after year. Obviously, you have to have a lot of drive and inspiration, but anybody running their own business has to have that.

To learn more about Supply Pointe’s work from home franchise and the residual income business opportunity associated with it, click here.