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A Flexible Home-Based Franchise Providing
Professional B2B Transportation Services

The SUPPLY POINTe™ business model is the culmination of years of industry experience, with a team of specialists providing manufacturers and distributors with a single solution for their shipping needs.

  • What You Can Do. Over the years, we have developed a network of freight-forwarding, trucking, shipping, pallet, and packaging companies in multiple markets, supported by some of the industry’s best technologies and communications strategies. For the countless companies who turn to us for their transportation and packaging needs, we have become their number one reliable outsourced solution… and you can, too, in your protected territory!
  • Who You Can Help. With the SUPPLY POINTe franchise business model at your fingertips, you can leverage this unique opportunity and help manufacturers, service companies, and a range of other enterprises maximize their efficiencies and improve their bottom lines – while you maximize your own potential as an independent business owner in an immense and growing market.
  • How You Can Grow. Over time, you can not only grow your number of B2B accounts from your own home-based franchise office, you can also grow the base of services you provide individual accounts. If you are wondering how to start a pallet business, you can start with services as simple as sourcing pallets, then evolve into providing a range of more complex services — including trucking and warehousing, freight of all types, and coordination of import/export activities.

Starting a home-based transportation business has never been more simple. It’s a perfect way to own and grow your own professional sales- and service-focused business, with relatively low overhead, working from home business opportunity, and the utmost in flexibility and scalability.

Find out more about the SUPPLY POINTe professional, home-based franchise program and our qualification requirements. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, request more information, or contact us at 513.315.6307 or

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