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Benefits of the SUPPLY POINTe Franchising Opportunity
November 28, 2017
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Is the SUPPLY POINTe Franchise a fit for you?
November 30, 2017

Why Veterans Make Perfect SUPPLY POINTe Franchisees

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Veterans have become a pillar that holds our freedom together, and without them, we would not have the many opportunities that allow us to pursue liberty and happiness. Now, more than ever, numerous companies and businesses are giving back to the veteran community so that they can have the liberty and happiness that allowed millions to flourish.

If you are a veteran and an entrepreneur seeking a new business opportunity, you should consider franchising with SUPPLY POINTe for our veteran discount and the opportunities we offer in transportation, shipping, logistics, and more, that will allow you to carry over your experience and industry skills.


The SUPPLY POINTe Opportunity

As more veterans look towards franchising as a second career, many businesses like SUPPLY POINTe are offering opportunities for veterans’ post-military lives. With many benefits alongside executive guidance, veterans can utilize their years of expertise, discipline and teamwork to offer real-world solutions facing corporate America. With a vast array of quality suppliers at your disposal, solutions can be tailor-made to a customer’s unique requirements.

The wide-range of services offered by SUPPLY POINTe’s many partners include everything from waste removal, packaging, shipping, transportation, to many others in which a high level of logistical thinking and reputable customer service communication is required. As a veteran, you can enjoy the many benefits of SUPPLY POINTe by adding value to many communities in need during the best years of your post-military life. The opportunity itself is part of a $700+ billion trucking and transportation industry.


Are You the Ideal SUPPLY POINTe Candidate?

For veterans, SUPPLY POINTe offers a network of opportunities. While the screening process helps SUPPLY POINTe discover the ideal franchise candidate, there are many traits necessary that are global among veterans. These traits include:
• Previous experience in salesmanship, cold calling, or lead development.
• Familiarity with business-to-business contact.
• The desire to learn and the willingness to follow Supply Pointe’s system of operation.
• Motivation and a strong desire for success.
• The ability to build positive relationships among businesses.


VetFran and SUPPLY POINTe Make it Easy

In partnership with VetFran, SUPPLY POINTe offers a 15% discount off the franchise fee for veteran investors who qualify. SUPPLY POINTe is the perfect opportunity for veterans who desire to expand their horizons and lead a business that is part of a global trillion-dollar empire.

With no supplies or inventory needed, low expenses, and low start-up fees, you can work from the comfort of your home. If you’re interested in this franchise opportunity, contact SUPPLY POINTe today to get started. In the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with the many opportunities available. Welcome you to the SUPPLY POINTe family!
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